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Hey!! Wanna get 2 no me even betta?

My names Zara I'm 12 yrz old, I go 2 William Hulmes Grammar skool In Manchester.  I waz born on Friday 13th so most ppl think i'm a witch which iz totally weird coz i'm da total opposite.  I've got 3 Different colours in my hair an its all natural (fank u god) Its brown, black an red which evry1 finks iz pretty kool.
I've got brown eyez an i no i'm really pretty LOL!

I've alwayz lived in Manchester in da same house since i waz born wen my mom wants 2 move i alwayz beg her not 2 coz i wanna stay in dis house i h8 movin its such a stress.  I've bin 2 a few different skoolz da first 1 i went 2 was smarties which i started wen i waz 2 wen i waz 4 started lady barn i got bored there quite quickly an in yr 2 i moved 2 broad oak in east didsbury until i finished skool dere an den moved up 2 high skool which bringz me 2 where i am now William hulmes grammar skool.

Skool Can Be Gud Can Be Bad!

Luv bein a kid!!!!!!!!!

Skool iz gr8 4 me i luv it but sumtimes i really do h8 it wen i get in2 a fight it can be like "OMG WATS GOIN ON?"  But i luv it bcoz of da friendz all dem ppl r special 2 me in different wayz an alwayz will be no matta wat.
High skoolz amazin evry1 sez itz meant 2 be da best time of ur life an i'd agree coz i just luv bein a teenager so try an enjoy ur teenage yrz aswell 2 make ur high skool life as gud as evry1 elses!


My Fav Flickz:
Mean Galz
Bruce Almighty
Sister act 1 & 2
Nutty Professor 1 & 2
I waz a teenage faust
Shrek 1 & 2
U got served
Save da last dance
Austin Powerz 1,2 & 3
harry potter 1, 2 & 3

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Stacie Orrico
50 cent
Nina Sky
R Kelly
Ice T
Destiny's Child
P Diddy

Thanx 4 commin 2 my site if u didn't like dnt bother bringin ur shitty self bak!