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Moi 2

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Moi 2



Feelins 2

I feel amazin wen i'm around a sertain person. dat person really makes me feel special inside an alwayz has done an i hope alwayz will.
Luv u faraz 4 bein dere 4 me =)


Evry Woman

I believe dat evry woman shud feel special in her own unique way an dis pic shows wud i do wen i feel special an unique! (i fink i'm gettin a bit 2 personal now so i'll stop) LOL!



I believe Dat evry woman shud look lovely wen eva she feels da need 2 so nobody shud stand in her way no matta who dey r!



Evry woman also has dreamz of bein a superstar an i believe dat in her own special way evry woman walkin da earths surface iz a superstar an alwayz will be.
BIG UP BIG UP.........EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dats my mom in da blue an her sis (my aunty) In da red.
My mom can sumtimes get on my nervez but i luv her coz shes da best!!!!!!


Dat my auntys an my grandad.  My aunty shista's kool shes really funny chaz remember wen u waz havin dat asma attack in da bak of her car. LOL! U gotz 2 remember wen she stopped da car in da middle of da road how crazy iz dat?????? My grandad doesn't act as old as he iz either he took me 2 alton towers wid him 4 my nannas b'day it was funny coz he went on nemasis.  My aunty nazi's alright shes sumtimes funny but u no shes k.

Thanx 4 commin 2 my site if u didn't like dnt bother bringin ur shitty self bak!