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Kool nicknames 4 msn

*'m Th€ ߡ†h Tht €v€r€ Ht€*

m b Š tm!


.:*P *:.:*R*:.:* Ψ*:..:*Ѩ*:.:*Ǩ*:. :**:.:**:.




Bos ArE gRAt..EvEr gIr sHoܣd oWn oNe!

(*)I waNNa GeT DiRRty!(*)

(`.) `.,(`.) (`.) `.,. fLRt

-(`v)--..CuPiD's ShOt mE..--(`v)-

Wh l觧d ? Th gl F?

o`. X Cherrylicious X.`oO

.:**:. -::-oX(U)Heart-Breaker(U)Xo-:|:- .:**:.


:(8)M L(L)v 'T $ ThG(8):

* GiL GiL *

-- Gﮣ--

*$*$ i have a black belt in shopping!$*$*

.:**:.l3[]_E Yʧ.:**:.

Im going NuCkIn FuTs!

-guys act like k make ^ 4 the z they they DOnT have-

(*)^~*k k m q*~^(*)

.:*DrIvE It LIkE U StOLE It*:.


*. .S*..H*. .O* ..R*..T*..Y*.


(L) LV PT # 9 (L)


ˆsL MH sSˆ

:-P.:*Don'T SticK OuT YouR ToungE UnlesS U PlaN ON UsinG IT!*:.:-P

:-P(*)iCk I† NW, iCk I† Gd...(*):-P

*..`MISS(a)INNOCENT`. .*


wh€n I ed t the evi ƒ dinking...I tPPed eding!

.:*mY nAmE iSnT *ELMO* bUt U cAn TiCkLe Me If U waNt*:..

#1..ForGeT NELLY-I'm NumBeR OnE!..#1


If MeAn PpL s.U.c.K...Do nIcE ppL BlOw??

..*2 YS U R, 2 YS U B, I C U R 2 YS 4 ME*..
(In case u cant tell is says "Too wise you are, too wise you be, i see you are too wise for me")




((* BabY-->bABy-->BaBy-->bAbY-->BAby *))

(L)(*) Hes s ht (k) Hes s fine (k) Unfrtunetley hes nt mine(*)(L)





lPtt lP駧

.:(*)EyE CaNdy(*):.

..:.:*:.:..SweAt uNtiL my CloTheS coMe oFf..:.:*:.:..

(*)Get Yo' Freak On(*)


It took me all day to think of this screen name.

~(*)WhY gO tO hIgHsChoOl wHeN yOu cAn gO To sChOoL hIgH(*)~

t mk hrr pp t mk rm!


m ߣ wt r xs





. .Ф. .E*..V*. .* .. *. .

~.'` --(Ur NamE)-- '`.װ~

(*)Q† w† b†...h†† w† (*)

*!~(u)*!* s *!*(u)~!




``'`._.I dOnt ThiNk Ur rEadY For DiS jEllY!`._.'

(`'. GV M BTtFLZ.')

-::-.:**:.ND' FL.:**:.-::-

.:*I'm Not A *PrInCeSs*...I'm A *QuEeN!*:.

.:*(K)M ŧ*:.

M b Ht, bT 'M n FR

xCan I Have Ur Picture So I Can Show Santa What I Want For *CHRISTMAS?*x

(L)LK t LK t t U KW U t RT LL uT(L)

(8)JuSt A DrEaM, JuSt An OrDiNaRy DrEaM...(8)


(*)-ߥ G-(*)


-::-.:**:MiSs HVN:**:.-::-

**..I (L) [BF's/Guy's Name]`..**

(K)I wAnnA bE yOUr chIck...I wAnnA bE dOwn 4 U(K)


**CaN U HanDLe It..Can U HanDle iT..CaN U PUMP-PUMP-PUMP iT uP!? P-U-M-P!**


..rgm r..

*:.*:.Screw Twizzlers Ill Make Ur Mouth Happy*:.*:.

(L)..i WaNnA Be LikE tHOSe gIrLs In tHe MoVIeS..(L)

*״`.{uR NaMe}״`.*

Im A gIrL..So (L) Me

|'m @ B|tCh..& Y0Ur jUs' p|sSeD cUz |'m N0T 'Y0Ur' B|TcH!


мZ 2ĦŏŦ2 ħŊđĿ *:.*:.


(%)>>T ĂR$<<<(%)














(*)m T m T Σ m G(A) WTz G fۧ?(*)

Trbl Mkr

~m h, m QT, m G(A) g, m d m s, m V(6)

)(*)<ܮB G>(*)(

(*)Be mY brIght and shInIng StArr(*)


``'"`._. k m ݧ `._."'

t tia m o mh 4 ptiptg

._. HoTT LyKe FiRe `._.

(F)*..`"WTV WNt gOt T WTV ND dT M"`. .*(K)

(%)f M 2 HV gd TM V Ll TOB BHNd WV HNd N gT oD(%)





. .A*..N*. .G* .. E*. .L*. .





*??*FoR aLl YoU pEOpLe ThAt TaLk AbOuT mE... i GoT oNe WoRd FoR yOu...J*e*A*l*O*u*S*y*??*









d Fr












~*MS T*~


^ ߮k Ht



lPtt lP駧



`._. k m ݧ`._.

. .C*..U*. .T* .. I*. .E*. .

()()d $



$()PR $ N֢C$



hR g꣤


~:}*d Vm*{:~


~Rz GL~

Hh Mm

~rw ug~






ߣ gm ߣw




[]-[]꣣ G룤





~ Fst ,bt~

* Pkd *




>>StRaWbErRy ShOrTcAkE, BaNaNa SpLiT, BeRrYLiCiOuS, GoOdNiGhT KiSs<<

~*~Girls are like playdough, fun to play with, not to eat!~*~

~*~Guys are like placemats, they only show up when there's food on the table!~*~

~*~Walkin down the street, feelin' the cool breeze, all da hotties heads turn 90 degrees, struttin' my stuff, and shakin' my booty, no one can replace this li'l cutie!~*~

~*~Da scene is hustlin', bustlin', inside the club is jumpin', champaigne be bubblin', Da music be pumpin', and then -Boom- silence, me n' my girls walk in~*~

~*~Diamonds are pretty, so are pearls, but nothing compares to us Regina girlz!~*~ (Yeah go Regina!)

~*~Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm 100% Princess, what the heck are you?~*~

~*~Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty... what happened to you?!~*~

~*~I have all the answers, but I never said they were right~*~

~*~If you're drinking apple juice, and it's warm, odds are that ain't apple juice :S~*~

~*~What does it mean when a guy is gasping for air and screaming your name? You didn't hold the pillow down long enough!~*~

~*~What happens if you get scared half to death 2 timez?~*~

~*~You were so cute as a baby... what the hell happened?~*~

~*~If your nice, you can call me sweety, if you're sweet, you can call me hunny, if you're hott, you can call me tonight~*~

~*~Laundry is the only thing that should be seperated by color~*~(doqn with racism!!!)

~*~I tried to sniff coke once... but the ice cubes got stuck up my nose!!!~*~

~*~Remember my name, remember my face, cuz there ain't no otha hunny that can take my place!~*~

~*~I look like an angel, act like one too, but you never know what this angel might do~*~

~*~If you hate me, I love you too, it ain't my fault that I'm cuter than you!!~*~

~*~Milk does the body good but DAMN girl how much did you drink?~*~

~*~If you climb up the ladder to success, don't let the guys look up your dress, they say your cute, they say your fine, but nine months later they say "It's not mine!!"~*~

~*~Guys are a lot like Bank Accounts, if they don't have a lot of money, they don't generate a lot of interest~*~

~*~ Money talks... but all mine ever says is "Good-bye"~*~

*~*GuYs ArE LiKe StArS, tHeRe ArE mIlLiOnS oF tHeM, bUt OnLy OnE CaN mAkE YoUr dREaMs cOmE TrUe*~*

*~*i kNoW yOu tHiNk yOu bRoKe mY hEaRt, bUt i kNeW yOuR gAmE fRoM tHe sTaRt..i SaW yOuR gAmE aNd pLaYeD iT tOo..sTuPiD pLaYa..tHe jOkEs oN yOu*~*


GuYs r pLaYeRs AnD ThAts A FaCt...DoN't FaLl -N- LoVe, JuSt pLaY 'eM bAcK!

~*iM nOt ShY, i JuSt DoNt LiKe YoU*~

*~*ReLaTiOnShiPs ArE LiKe GlAsS... It MiGhT bE BeTtEr To Be BrOkEn Up ThEn To GeT hUrT TrYiNg To PuT iT bAcK ToGeThEr.*~*

-X- (*)t's tt T Rgrt Th ThiGs 0 ... Tha Th ThG$ N't d0(*) -X-

`.*I May not Get 2 see U as often As I Would Like,I May not Get 2 Hold U all through The night,But deep inside my heart,I Kno That This Is True,No Matter What I do,I Will alwayz Luv u*.

When a guy asks u to suck turn around and say,"I heard its dangerous to put small things in my mouth"

**1Ce aPoN A TiMe SoMeThInG HaPpEnEd To mE It WaS ThE SwEeTeSt tHiNg tHaT CoUlD Be,iT WaS A fAnTaSy A DrEaM CoMe tRuE, iT wAs tHe DaY i MeT YoU**


NeVeR GiVe uP iF u sTiLL WaNNa TrY*NeVeR WiPe aWaY uR tEaRs iF u sTiLL WaNNa CrY*NeVeR SaY YeS iF u rEaLLy MeAn No*NeVeR SaY tHaT u DoNt LoVe HiM iF u cAnT LeT HiM Go*

~*~(k)(l)DonT CaLl Me A GoDdEss DoNt DonT CaLl Me A QuEeN JuSt CaLl mE ThE CuTeSt LiTtLe PrIncEsS YoUvE EvA SeEn(L)(K)~*~
*~*~*Practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect, so why practice*~*~*

*~I SmIlE BeCaUsE I hAvE No IdEa WhAt Is GoInG oN!*~


I Wasnt Kissing Him, I Was Telling His Lips A Secret!

~Do u believe in love at first site? Or should i walk by again?

 ***99% angel, 1% devil!***

***(L) ! 1()/ U (L)!***


…::… W m …::…

~~(L)~(K)~wT Ll M裏 Xy ThNg!~(K)~(L)~~

??~Wht T ll My Nggz Tht B Lvn t Up Wht T ll My B*ths Tht B Gvn t Up~??

~(L)~xy By Yr Fly.. Mght Juss Gv Yu Try!!~(L)~

~(K)~Cnd Tsts Gd But Mh Ksss r Btth!!!~(K)

~__ s ......Mmmm Mmmm Gd!~

~(L)~Ll Mss Prftn!~(L)~

~(*)~ Y Lk t Whn hk t Fr Y ddy, Mv t ll rund,

Lt Y Gt Pk B4 t Tuchs Th Grund?~(*)~

;)*t TH*;)


I an up the dr losed the $tirs sid m pj*s pt n m pre trd ff th bd hpped nt lght ll cuz u (k)kissed m goodt

*+*><*+*><{69} [B]a[B]y [U]r [A]l[l] M[i]n[e]><*+*><*+*



~*MS T*~

1% GhT



˜*••*˜*••*˜*••*˜|<k @$$ htT M H rght h, Ms wt m  kk r H ˜*••*˜*••*˜*••*˜


!!m T ]-[T......m FlRE!!



Vˮ h TH ght 2 tpid t ’ g Th PivL

M H rght h, Ms wt m  kk r H

Fsh s mds, s s kd, sp sd d l s h , Cz s ll b m d my C ss Cw

f r ll m w f r w ll m h f r h ll m 2

(k)* rRstߣe *(k)


_:`'m m @ , 'm Tr t gH?:_

w†h m dr dr šhk † ƒr d ƒ裣z wh k

w†h m m hš š i d r󣣤

Th$ Mkp s & $

(.…::…'t ht M Z 'm etiF, ht M Z /F thk …::….)

'T g wtHt M H

I‘m gl d ’m h t v th wld

!(*)*(s)Hv Mt B Msig g z m Hr(s)*(*)!(l)


'm v 4 , t h t, t t t,'m v 4 , wt t,'m t tg t h t

R r R,Vt r ߣ,G M M rtt Wht +he He H T !


(k)x h(k)


(k)wt k Hv~(L)~Ht k H룣~(k)~'m Th wtt G~(L)~$ T룣(k)

m pwnss n' v gt lss. gv m sht 'll kk ur ss. s ll hs wh fnk r kwl fnk gn bz I rl

m sg n' sp n' vrthng n, b4 mss wf mh bt fnk tw

m wt lk ndy...Ht lk fr...m th i qt...that dsr...


10% angel + 10% hottie + 10% diva + 20% goddess + 20% perfect + 30% princess = 100% me

. .C*..U*. .T* .. I*. .E*. .


Should I Smile Because We're Friends,Or Cry Because Thats All We'll Ever Be?

A Bitch Is A Dog,Dogs Bark,Bark Is A Part Of A Tree,Trees Are Part Of Natue,Natures Beautiful,So If You Eva Call Me A Bitch Again,Thanks For The Compliment!

There Is No I In S-L-U-T..But There Is A U!
Dont Call Me A Bitch, Its Ms. Bitch To You!

Stutin Our Stuff,Shakin Our Booties, Me -N- My Girlies Are Lil Cuties!!

Id Tell You To Go To Hell,But All Dogs Go To Heaven!

Delicious Lips *Devil Stare I Got All *Them Bitches Screamin *IT AIN’T FAIR!*

  *!Well Slap My Ass And Call Me Spanky!

wrt r m Th whd t w, Wrt R m M hrt 4v  t wLL t

If I had the letters "HRT" and I could add "EA" and get "HEART" or add "U" and get "HURT", I'd rather have "U" and get "HURT" than have a "HEART" without "U".

What a shame...looks like the ugly fairy kissed you on both cheeks

iF aLL dA BoYz LiVeD OvA Da SeE WhAt a GoOd SwiMmEr I wOuLd Be!

Roll out the red carpet 'coz here comes.......SHANNAN

lets have an intelligent conversation i'll talk...u listen

--->>> ...A Little Bit Goes A Long Way... <<<---

I tried sniffing coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck up my nose

When scientists do discover the center of the universe dont be disappointed that its not you.

Stop! Drop! and Roll Baby cuz ure on fire!
ħh ħh f w‘ f wm hg w

i WaS NOT KiSSiNg HiM....i WaS..eR..uH..WiSpEriNg iN HiS MoUtH


(K)YoU AiNt SeEn NuThIn YeT ;)

:D (K) Im NoT dUmB!! ThE WoRlD Is JuSt ReAlLy SmArT!! (K) :D

:P i dont swim in your toilet, so please dont pee in my pool :P

:O SiLlY LiL BiTcHeS WiF SiLlY LiL ProBlEMs :O

Up,Up AnD aWaY!

~*~*dont like my attitude? call 1800-KISSMYASS*~*~



m mg宥 f€ hk ص hv€ € |€m

t tia m o mh 4 ptiptg

no guts no glory no brains same story

I'd Tell Ya To Go To Hell But All Dawgs Go To Heaven

LoViN YoU****IsN'T ReAlLy SoMeThIn' I sHoUlD dO

, I'M GoInG CrAzY cRaZy JuSt ThInKiNg AbOuT YoU BaBy,

=KiSs A LiTtLe LoNgEr=StAy ClOsE A LiTtLe LoNgEr=HoLd On a LiTtLe LonGeR=

CAUTION: im a blond n im having a
VERY bad day.. so plz use small words!

im sorry can u repeat that? i was having
a blonde moment!:S

*SoMe CaLL iT EcStAsY, SoMe CaLL iT DeStInY, SoMe CaLL iT MeAnT tO Be, bUt i JuSt CaLL iT YoU & Me*

m- bT-hk Ht-߮k ޮtt Ht v t ht kήt

v-2-Fήt g ߥ Σ-Me ft ޮ맧 Jt 4

*~U btth watch ut if I dn’t gt it m wy, cuz if that hppns u bett pry!~*

*??*FoR aLl YoU pEOpLe ThAt TaLk AbOuT mE... i GoT oNe WoRd FoR yOu...J*e*A*l*O*u*S*y*??*


;)smile it scares ppl :P

milk duz the body gud, but damm how much did u drink :S

;)Armed n Dangerous :P

;)Learn the rules...then break em :P

:P Giv a mouse its cookie, he will want a glass ov milk :P

y did i have climb 100 mountains 2 get 2 u :S wen all u had 2
do is smile :) 2 get 2 me ?

~*~Life is short an so am I~*~

Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice! :)

*Im 98% beautiful and 2% carzy or is it the other way round?

How many hot, rich, funny, sweet guys are there out there?
......two, but they're dating each other!

The only driving you've done all day is driving me crazy.

The road is full of flat squirrels, who couldn't make up their mind!

__________][-][ (()) "][" __________

- -*aLL iLL eVa wANt iZ EvErYtHiNg YOU ArE*- -

(*)(*)i LoVeD YoU OnCe,I LoVe yOu sTiLL,I aLwAYs HavE,I AlWaYs WiLL...........

**EvErY DrEaM I hAvE Iz sPeCiAl CaUsE Ur aLwAyS ThErE WiTh mE**

(*)WhEn i Go To sLeEp, mY lAsT ThOuGh iZ YoU, WheN i WakE uP I'm :)sMiLiNg:) cAuSe i'Ve dReMt AbOuT Us tWo


~*A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart*~

~*Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart*~

*׷* I dOnT know what I'd do without u *׷* i don't know where i would be *׷* u aren't just my boyfriend *׷* ur *EVERYTHING* to me *


.:*You Make Me Feel So Good Inside And It's Kinda Scary To Think Of My Life Without You In It Because you are so special*:.

.....:::::$hk R OŤ 4 M :::::.....
(K)(K) K裏 M ç (K)(K)

X PrŠs


(*)i’M ThE Most LuKiEsT GiRl In Da WhOle WoRLd ’n ItZ AlL cAuSe I GoT tHe SwEeTiEsT GuY EvA(*)

(L)(U) SeE My DaYs R CoLd WiDOuT U,BuT Im hUrTiN WhiLe iM WiD u,& tHoU My hEaRt CaN TaKe nO MoRe i KeeP On RuNInG bAcK 2 u(U)(L)

~(K)~Cnd Tsts Gd But Mh Ksss r Btth!!!~(K)

(s)~ݤ ~.(s)

~~(L)~(K)~wT Ll M裏 Xy ThNg!~(K)~(L)~~

**(U)**If LoVe DiEz ThEn i WaNt 2 AsWeLL**(U)**



. .A*..N*. .G* .. E*. .L*. .

Hav fun wid dese kool msn nicknames ur friends u'll luv em

Thanx 4 commin 2 my site if u didn't like dnt bother bringin ur shitty self bak!