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My Poems

I need you

If I was a stream, searching for the ocean

You would be my current
Keeping me in motion
If a was a seed
Buried in the snow
You would be my sunlight
Helping me to grow
If i was a spark
In the middle of the night
You would be my flame
Keeping me alight
If i was a ship
On a stormy morning
You would be my lighthouse
Keeping me in motion
But i am not a stream
Spark, ship or seed
I am a person
And its you i need
I do not need a current
A lighthouse, flame or the sun
All i need is love
And for me, you are the one
Sometimes it's hard to find the light in the pouring rain,
And I did used to worry, what tomorrow would bring,
But then, I found the sunshine inside of me,
that shone through me like a soaring eagle int he sky,
But I couldn't see it, I was than blind,
Not blind by the eye, but by the heart and soul,
But now I realize the beautiful life around me,
That I share with people who have among themselves,
open-minded hearts, minds and souls,
Some who have realized this, and some who have not,
and among those people I grant them to find their true passion,
to live life to the fullest, and to always remember, you can always fulfill your dreams, if you give life your true capacities.

If Only You Knew

Long ago I had never thought of meeting someone like you.

If only you knew, how i find trouble breathing when I'm close to you.

How when I'm with you its like heaven on earth.

You are the one who gives love its worth.

If only you knew, how i forget to speak when i see you.

How I forget my name when I stare into your eye.

How it hurts me to hear your crys.

If only you knew how much i could do for you.

Set you free and let you see.

A world of love, free of hate.

A place to be you, a place we could relate.

If only you knew, how i feel alive when I see your smile.

How I forget pain and remeber love once more.

 If only you knew, how i hate to hear guys refer to you as "score."

I wish I knew what to say, what to do.

 I am a loner of the skys.

I am watched by demonic vulture eyes.

Watching me always, all days.

If only you knew, how it is you.

You set me free from my cage, you settle my rage.

 If only you knew... if only you knew.


Bottled up inside
Are the words i never said
The feelings that I hide
The lines you never read

You can see it in my eyes
Read it on my face:
Trapped inside are the lies
Of the past I cant replace

With memories that linger-
Wont seem to go away.
Why cant I be happier?
Todays a brand-new day.

Yesterdays are over,
Even thought the hurtings not
Nothing lasts forever
I must cherish what i'v got

Dont take my love for granted
For soon it will be gone-
All you ever wanted
Of the love you thought youd won.

The hurt Im feeling now
Wont dissapear overnite,
But someway, somehow,
Everything will be alright,

No more wishing for the past.
It wasnt meant to be.
It didnt seem to last,
So I have to set him free.

When you asked why I love you 

When you asked why I love you
I didnt know what to say
I love every part of you in every single way
But if you want specifics i'll try to meet your wish
and do my very very best to make a simple list
I love you for your arms that hold me every night
I love you for your kisses are sometimes strong and sometimes light
I love you for your patient that never seems to end
I love you for the fact I can call you my friend
I love you for your lips that always seem to smile
when you look upon my face for just a little while
i love you for your eyes that seem deep within my soul
i love you for you ability to always make me whole
i love you for your honesty
i know youll never lie
i love you for your passion
so much it makes me wanna  cry
i love you for you intelligence and the little jokes you tell
i love all this and a million other things as you see how hard it is to narrow it all down
there are far many reasons
i love everything that has to do with you
When you asked why i love you

~Heavenly Demonic Love~

How can something so beautiful be followed by so much pain?
Why does her beauty and grace have to be in vain?
Her love would be heavenly bliss,
But to her my feeling and thoughts don't seem to exist.
Sometimes I can look past that, my happiness doesn't matter.
But somday I wish I could scream, thinking of her just makes me sadder.
She is my insperational soul,
Helping me reach my only goal.
Her smile opens to way to my mind, freeing me from this enless labyrinth.
But when I'm almost free I am pushed back in by a demonic nymph.
The nymph of pain that follows my love.
Too many things have happened for me to think I'll get guidence from above.
I am alone to face bitter reality.
Alone to face love and pain with demonic brutality.
Why do I put myself through this wicked game?
Why do I sacrafice all that I have for that girl, does she even know my name?
Then I look into her eyes and see something I have never seen before. more chance, i collaspe to the floor.
Too much love.... too much pain..
I have walked through many rains, enough to know that I am nothing but a bystandard in this place.
Nothing but a speck, but i forget all that when I see her face.
This heavenly demonic love is killing me inside, enough to let people see,
See the real me.
Some days I want to die,
but my mind is cleared of those thoughts when I gaze into her eyes.
When I'm with her I feel all the pain inside me leave.
But then she's gone and all that pain returns..... I want to belive...
Believe that I have a chance for happiness here.
Get rid of all this pain, all this fear.
Some days I want to leave this endless stream,
Because I know that this chance is nothing but a dream.
I hope someone will hear my scream somewhere above,
Because I'm trapped here by this heavenly demonic love.


When you are sad

When you are sad
I will dry your tears
When you are scared
I will comfort your fears
When you are worried
I will give you hope
When you are confused
I will help you cope
and when you are lost
and can't see the light
I shall be your beacon
shining ever so bright
This is my oath
I pledge till the end
Why you may ask
because you're a friend.

In a friendship
We're free to expose,
Parts of ourselves
Nobody else knows.
But the thing that sustains it
And sets it apart,
Is not something spoken
It's a bond of the heart.
True friends are rare
In a lifetime two or three,
I'm so glad it happened
Between you and me!



Hope u enjoyed those poems I'll try an get sum news 1's up as soon as i can!

Thanx 4 commin 2 my site if u didn't like dnt bother bringin ur shitty self bak!